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Out of My Hands EP

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Born in Brisbane, Australia to a coal mining father and champion athlete mother, Kodey’s desire to became a touring songwriter was a big surprise to them. They encouraged her newly found interest by buying her first guitar when she was twelve. 

Kodey spent her teens quietly exploring a variety of musical instruments and a passion for creative writing and drama. Inspired by Stevie Nicks, The Temper Trap and Brandi Carlile, Kodey found her voice and realized that she had something to say. A major change in her life happened when she landed a scholarship to the renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA.

Moving thousands of miles away from home for the first time brought joy, pain, love, heartbreak, and all kinds of adventure that she continues to explore in her songwriting. 

Currently living between her hometown of Brisbane, Nashville USA and Madrid Spain, Kodey has found her style as a blend of pop vocal melodies, folk guitar and descriptive lyrics. 

She loves wearing a different jumpsuit to every show, gold glitter, her two dogs, and discovering the wide world around her. Catch her on both sides of the globe where she plays local clubs and songwriter nights.

‘Out of My Hands’ EP recorded at The Invisible Heroes Production House in Nashville, USA.  

Produced by Invisible Heroes
Mixed & Mastered by Antonio Esguerra
Photos by Libby Danforth




The promising upstart meddles with songwriting in vibrant, visceral ways. At once cut from the singer-songwriter mold, she also flitters over juicy pop hooks and an underlining, utterly subtle blues avenue. She’s a chameleon of the highest order.” - Jason Scott for B-Sides & Badlands 6/13/2019

“Her beautifully adorned voice is an excellent vehicle for her storytelling. Like Amos, her songs are filled with yearning and emote a brooding quality that instantly appeals. Brims has a strong grasp of her stylistic artistry.”  - Adorjan Horvát for Staccatofy 6/14/2019

“…she is fine tuning her own sound of a blend of pop vocal melodies and folk guitar. Her lyrical writing ability is outstanding, with relatable lyrics for all.” - Music Injection 7/27/2019

I adore the wonderful vocals which will create unique atmospheres. Moreover, the instrumental is filled with creative melodies and warm textures …You can say without any doubt that Kodey Brims has made some brilliant piece of music again…” - Lefuturewave 7/27/2019

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